Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Amber's Precious People (1)

Florrie, Amber & I
If there is to be a silver lining on the cloud that has been hovering over us since Amber's diagnosis it would have to be the amazing amount of love & support we have been shown by so many people.  Amber has touched so many & brought an incredible amount of  people into what I think of as our "care circle".
One such person is dear Florrie.  Amber not only has a Nana (my Mum) & an Oma (Dylan's Mum) but she has been lucky enough to have been "adopted" by Florrie who has embraced Amber like one of her own since they first met.  I have felt very humbled by the beautiful knitting she would spontaneously bring into my work & her contribution to our garage sale fundraiser.
We visited Florrie last Thursday as she is now homebound in the grips of a cruel cancer (not that there is ever a kind version).  I also felt touched by her "care circle" as she was surrounded by the love of her daughters & other family members.  It is a privilege to have all these people in our lives & know that Amber will always be looked after even when I can no longer hold her in my own arms.

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  1. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing all these stories and people, Laura.